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Bill Shroyer Cares for Parks
Bill For Minneapolis Parks
Minneapolis parks, now and for future generations
​​Bill has been an employee of the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, MPRB, for 17 years helping make our parks the best. He has detailed knowledge of park operations and will bring a wealth of experience to the Board.

Our children deserve parks that enhance their health, sense of self worth and recreational pastimes. An hour in the park is one less of television or video games. Bill favors enhanced after school programs to assist families in providing safe and productive activities for their kids. Park facilities are an investment in our quality of life and the growth of our children.

The excellence of our parks starts with people like Bill. The 7,000 acres of land and water resources depend on a dedicated core of staff committed to safety, cleanliness and functionality of the system.  Loyal fulltime workers provide continuity and quality to the jewel that is Minneapolis parks. 

We are a diverse and beautiful city. The workforce must reflect that diversity. Our unique landscape and varied human resource is what makes Minneapolis great. 

Recent revelations of excess water and pollutants flowing into Lakes Hiawatha and Nokomis require close examination and proactive steps to preserve homes threatened by water run off from western municipalities and the airport. Bill supports the preservation of Hiawatha Golf Course as a flood buffer and a community resource. He favors other innovations to expand uses at Hiawatha such as more trails, fruit trees and other improvements.

Bill wants to evaluate the uses in the parks that uniquely focus on the needs our our senior park users. He wants to utilize the talents and interests of senior residents in sharing their life experience with other park users. Many seniors have time, knowledge and motivation to contribute to an improved park system.

Smart investment in parks enhances our quality of life. That means avoiding extravagant spending that consumes limited funds at the expense of successful neighborhood parks. A project presentation with nice drawings doesn't equal a good use of the money.  We need long term sustainability for the best system in America.

The core elements are in place. New land purchases have an important place in planning. This vision of stability and modernization requires financial resources managed in a fiscally responsible way. He will prioritize expenditures for maximum benefit. Good planning assures that funds will be available for operations and recreational programming.  Bill favors Improvement, innovation and expansion within a sustainable budget. 

Bill Shroyer outlines water shed issues for South Minneapolis in Letter to editor
​ Star Tribune 10/28/

A citizen for change.
  • Manage park funds responsibly.
  • Ensure the safety and functionability of current parks.
  • Plan improvements and expansion that communities want and approve of.
  • Uitlize fulltime staff rather than outside contractors whenever possible.
  • MPRB is top heavy in management. Bill will examine administratative costs. 
  • Insist on real diversity not just sensitivity training.
  • Stop wasteful spending on boondoggle projects.
  • Environmental policies including efficient energy use, ecological building materials, water management, biomass and wood utilizaition as guiding principles. Stop wasting thousands of trees removed each year.
  • Monitor and mitigate potential flooding of Hiawatha and Nokomis neighborhood homes.
South Minneapolis Flooding: proposal to have USGS research causes.

Protecting Our Homes and Parks from Water Damage:
How Studying our Area Hydrology Benefits You!

What He Supports
Community News & Events
  • 17 years as Minneapolis Parks employee.`
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • Certified Arborist, Parkkeeper and Aquatic Facility Operator. He is Union Steward and Recording Secretary of City Employees Local #363, Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA).
  • Fourty-five years as an environmental activist and indigenous rights advocate.